Ageless attitude

There are people who can bring extraordinary in our lives. Shauna, a playful lady from Salt Lake City, certainly do! I met her online, through an Instagram profile (@chicover50). Pink haired, in good shape and with an unconventional approach to life and fashion. Shauna turns 58 this year, but nobody would recognize it. She started her blog,, three years ago, in her plans it was supposed to be an hobby, a virtual place to share thoughts and outfits with friends.

It blew up in a couple of months and she became the woman to look at. Department stores, Tv producers and beauty brands started to compete for her attention. It could have been another already-seen-blogger-life, but Shauna has choosen to use this unexpected success to help other women, less lucky and less brave. She has started to take it more seriously and influence other to feel confident and inspire them to be their best.

Shauna impressed me so much that I decided to ask for an interview and she cheerfully accepted. She is the proof that, despite our age, life never stops and out of our “comfort zone” there are tons of opportunities… We just have to wander our hands and pick them up. This is not my first experience in blogging. In 2013 I had a blog,,  and I was doing a pretty good job. One day I discovered a girl had stolen the name, changing it in English, some articles and, in the long run, got an interview from an Italian national newspaper. I was really upset, I’d put such a big effort in that pages, full of interviews and researches, that I decided to quit. came five years later, with the same passion, in a moment of my life when I’ve decided to clean up all the dust and be back to my genuine roots. The blog has brought me back to my first love, journalism and fashion, and made me confident enough to start a new career in image consulting to help people to express themselves at their best. It’s not easy, especially when you ask for an interview or try to get materials for an article and almost nobody answers you back, quite funny in an Era which we are supposed to be connected 24h per day. But the few who decide to become part of my life mark the path and make the difference.


Hi Shauna, nice to mee you. Let’s talk about your blog, Chic Over 50, how did it start?

It started actually by accident, a suggestion from a friend to give women over 50 fashion and style tips!

Are you surprised about its success?


Some looks chosen by Shauna


We live in a society where everything tell us we must be forever slim, sexy and young. I can’t see all this pressure on men. Your message says we can be beautiful at every stage of our life, focusing on our inner beauty, taking care about ourself and enhance our key-points. A very powerful and simple way of life. Has been difficult to spread this positive attitude?

It hasn’t been hard at all. I think people are generally more accepting than they used to be, and more aware of the traps women get themselves in to. However there are still so many who don’t believe they can get better, be better, look better and feel their best selves after fifties!

You look fabulous, relaxed and comfortable in your shoes… and in front of your camera too! Which is your secret?

My secret is confidence! If you have confidence in the way you look and present yourself… It seems to always work!


I think you have tons of people who love you and probably many haters too, both women and men… How do you handle with them? I’m forty and despite my age I feel young, attractive and happy about who I am and what I’m doing. There are still tons of things that I’m looking forward to realize, but I suppose many people could have a look at my blog, or my Instagram profile, and  disapprove me because I’m not “conformed” at my age…

Yes, there are lots of haters. I will always leave people’s comments up, unless they are obscene or really mean. I want people to know they have a voice on my platform, regardless if they agree with me or not. I’ve only have to block out maybe a couple of dozen, there’s always a nice way to voice your opinion and a nice way to comment back to rude people.

How many women did you help?

I have no idea how many really, because they not all will reach out, but I’ve helped enough to know that my voice is definitely being heard! I take what I say very seriously and always think about how it comes across to others!

Shauna and some friends in a recent trip to Santa Fe



What women can do to change the paradigma “age-suitable behavior ” and feel free to express themselves without blaming?

By keep being who they are, confident, strong and powerful!

Who is your biggest supporter?

My fellow blogging friends and husband.

Who is the “real” Shauna?

Quiet, unassuming, conscientious and honest!



Thinking about your past, better now or when you was in your twenties?

In most ways far better! When you can accept yourself, and who you are, it makes life much easier!

What would you say to women who think life finishes around thirties?

Well, that’s not true at all. Life truly is just beginning. Most of the time your family is raised and gone, you have more time with friends, spouse, exploring new hobbies, travel… and so on.

Plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to keep growing my blog and influence… there isn’t anything more fulfilling than helping women feel confident and beautiful!






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